Dr. Hans-Joachim Huf

Am Großberg 36; D-55130 Mainz;
e-mail: hjh@hjh-huf.de

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  German High School Diploma (Abitur)
Dipl. of Chamb. of Commers Chem. Ing.
Graduated as Dipl.Chem. at the University of Mainz
Graduated as Ph.D. (Dr.) in Chemistry. Thesis: Detection and mesurement of SO2 in the ppt-level.
  German and English
Basic in French and Spanish
Work experience
  Tutor and Teacher at the University of Mainz.
Professor at the Staatliches Studienkolleg der Universität Mainz.
Scientific member of the Max-Planck-Institut for Chemistry (Otto-Hahn-Institut).
Management at Pharmaceutical Industries.
Management at the Federal German Ministry for R&D ( New Technologies).
President of IPG GmbH in Mainz. www.ipg-gmbh.de
Patents and Publications
    •  Fire resistant non toxic organic insulation foam
  •  Continuous offset plates exposure
  •  Process for providingsubjecvts with an increased oxygen supply. www.life-hall.com
  •  System for supplying air to aircraft pressurized cabins.                 www.life-cabin.de
  •  High hygienic standard toilette system without using water. Especially for vehicles and aircrafts.
  •  New telescope system for the use in space , off shore and robotics.
  •  New safety Wind Sock.
Professional Memberships
  GDCH (German Chemical Society) IHK
Security Clearance
  German Army (Bundeswehr)
World Bank
  Motor Biking, Scuba Diving, Sky Diving